Note: the soldier that was killed was named George Stivers. See his other letters dated: 10/30, 11/12 and 11/19, 1862

April 30, 1863 Vevay, Indiana

Dear Aunt Caroline,

I am not sure whether I am your debtor as regards a letter, or not, one thing I am sure that some member of the family has received a letter. Since my house has been in Vevay, it has been treated with neglect, -but, as you have always found me, I will occasionally send a scratched sheet -unasked. This is our “National Fact Day”. I thought – although I did not abstain from food, I would from work and since church (I)have devoted the hours to letter writing, this making the third one. I received a letter from Uncle Will and as I had neglected answering his last, I got? immediately at work. Letter writing of late has become a great task.

It is seldom that I can be induced to attempt it.

Sunday, May 3rd

This evening I resume my seat to try to finish this interesting epistle which I began several days ago. I have been suffering with tooth ache for a week and this morning I got up my face paining me exceedingly with a gathering caused by my teeth, it has since broke and I feel an easy, it seems as though I emerged into a new world. It being rainy, I have not dared to venture to church or Sunday School. Tomorrow I resume school duties having been unemployed since February. I feel more than delighted with the idea. I shall board at home, the school house is three miles distant, but my pay is not very large, and we will need every cent to keep up expenses. I am only too glad, even by the greatest exertion to find something to do, to add to the comforts of those for whom alone I desire to live. Having to let Rice have what small amount of funds we had, cramped us some, but hope to get along until we can get our other money. If we can get us a home, however humble, we shall not fear but what we can live. I fear that Rice will not succeed at Carollton although he has only tried it one month, we should not despair. No doubt you have heard – ere this that – through his kindness to the officers of the 18th regt., we have received the body of father nicely enclosed in A fine metallic case – where has any state turned out a nobler, finer regiment of Officers! All honor to their brave and generous hearts!

Ma is making a garden this spring , everything looks thriving, I long to have the pleasure of feasting on it’s production.

Do not forget us entirely, let us hear from you all occasionally. To know that only a thought now and then from some one is ours, will do one a little good. With much love to all the family. I am yours affection ally.

Signed: Will E. Stivers

Source: eBay January 2011