Letter written by John A. Jackson

January 1, 1865,

addressed to General Thomas, reads in part:

“…I feel that the thanks of every Union loving heart, are due to you this bright New Year’s morning, that the ‘Stars & Stripes’ now float over Tennessee, instead of the piratical banner of Secession. I have never felt deeper interest in our cause, nor greater confidence that a triumph more signal, and glorious even than that before Nashville will soon crown the Union arms, and redeem our beloved South from the filthy pool of Secession in which she has been so long plunging – and clad in clean Union garments she will soon forget the stained and dishonored rags which her leaders for a time have compelled her sons to wear! War is a…terrible school in which we all share – all suffer – the innocent and the guilt but with you Gen’l to wield our armies I shall look soon for a peace – a conquered peace….”

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