The following historical markers are all related to Civil War action Tennessee saw in Bedford County. Here’s the TSLA Bedford County “Fact Sheet“.

  1. Tennessee (Bedford County),  Shelbyville — 3G 16 — Andrew’s Raiders
    On this knoll, members of the Federal party which attempted to destroy the Western & Atlantic R.R. in 1862, assembled before starting their foray. It started with seizure of the engine “General” and ended with recapture of the engine at the Georgia state line the same day. Several of the party were subsequently hanged.
  2. Tennessee (Bedford County), Shelbyville — 3G 6 — Army of the CumberlandJune 27, 1863
    The Reserve Corps (Granger) moved south along this road, screened by the Army’s Cavalry (D.S. Stanley). Taking Guy’s Gap, against minor resistance, they pushed rapidly into Shelbyville, evacuated the same morning by the Corps of Maj. Gen. Leonidas Polk, which withdrew to Tullahoma.
  3. Tennessee (Bedford County), Shelbyville — 3G 22 — Confederate Cemetery
    In the cemetery north of the road are buried Confederate soldiers of the Army of Tennessee, who fell while opposing the advance of Rosecrans’ Army of the Cumberland through Liberty Gap and Guy’s Gap, in late June, 1863. Also buried here are soldiers of Forrest’s Cavalry, killed in minor operations.
  4. Tennessee (Bedford County), Wartrace — 3G 42 — Beechwood Plantation
    The Beechwood Plantation house, which formerly stood at this site, was an important Confederate headquarters during the Tullahoma Campaign. It was built for Col. Andrew Erwin, Jr. and family in 1826. The Erwins, who were southern sympathizers, lavishly entertained local society and Confederate officers during the Civil War. In 1863, Gen. Braxton Bragg’s Army of Tennessee was camped along the Duck River line. Gen William J. Hardee camped at Wartrace and made Beechwood his headquarters. —  Map (db m25862)