Bledsoe County, TN has the following historical marker related to the Civil War. Here is the TSLA “Fact Sheet” on Bledsoe County, TN.

  1. Tennessee (Bledsoe County), Pikeville — 2B 24 — Bragg Invades Kentucky
    On Aug. 29, 1862, the Army of Mississippi was enroute to Kentucky: Army Headquarters was near Dunlap; Col. Joseph Wheeler’s Cavalry Brigade was moving against Maj. Gen. A McD. McCook’s Federal Division at Altamont. Advance elements of Maj. Gen Leonidas Polk’s Right Wing were hereabouts; Maj. Gen. William J. Hardee’s Left Wing had cleared Chattanooga.
On this knoll, members of the Federal party which attempted to destroy the Western & Atlantic R.R. in 1862, assembled before starting their foray. It started with seizure of the engine “General” and ended with recapture of the engine at the Georgia state line the same day. Several of the party were subsequently hanged.