The 6th Ohio Infantry was engaged with CSA forces in Tennessee and Kentucky in 1863.

Related to East Tennessee operations Jonathan B. Holmes 6th Ohio Infantry wrote:

“Every day hundreds of citizens come unto our camp,” he wrote, “and gaze upon our banners with tears in their eyes, and with trembling voice thank God for their long looked for deliverance. For the first time since we have been in the field, we find ourselves among our friends, their hearts are warm in our cause. They hate rebels and rebellion with an intensity that should make lukewarm loyalists blush, and their devotion to the Government has not been without cost. Oh no, they have lost husbands and fathers, sons and brothers, houses and lands, and they have refused to be tempted by rich bribes…”

(Aug. 30, 1863)

Source: Cowan’s Auction, June 2010