Camp 21st regiment Illinois vol.

Nov. 19th 1862

(Camped near Nashville, Tennessee)

Letter In Part: …..

Joel went to the hospital with the measles, the rest of the boys are well. Our regiment went up the railroad Friday to guard the engineers while they built a couple of railroad bridges … The road will soon be ready for the cars to run there. I tell you the citizens are getting sick of bridge burning. Hear some of them that had a hand in burning bridges and feeding the guerillas have been burnt out. I don’t think there will be any more bridge burning here. This is one on the worst … holes we ever been in. It is setted with Big Slave holders and just as vile rebels as ever lived. It looks rather hard to see the fine dwellings burnt to the ground but it is the quickest and best way to stop bridge burning. We heard heavy cannonading in direction of Murfreesboro (Tennessee) day before yesterday … It is that they have been fighting below Murfreesboro for 2 or 3 days. We have been under Jeff Davis since we came here but it is reported this morning that General Mitchell took command of us again …… I long for this War to come to a close. I had a dream. I thought I was at home but before I could speak to you I was woke up by the pesky drummers and the next thing was turn out for roll call. It has been raining for 3 days. When it rains some of us have to take it. We haven’t got tents enough for the whole company. We haven’t drawn our money yet and I don’t know when will get it I suppose we will before long. When we do I will send it home …… Father, if you can wear the over coat I sent home wear it to feed and haul wood in …. I must close and take this to the office. Write as often as you can which I know you will. May the lord protect and care for you, remember your son at a heavenly throne of grace

your obedient son W.W.A to his father and mother