Writer: George Stivers, Company K,18th Ohio Infantry
This soldier died of his wounds at Stone’s River January 3, 1863.


Nov. 21, 1862

Brother Aaron,

I was very much gratified last night to receive a letter from you, one from ____ and one from my boy who is at Tipton in a store. My family is at Vevay Ind. Daugh Harriett is teaching near there and all in tolerable health. I have been parched for news for a long time till this refreshing shower came. I am in good health and spirits. Our army of Middle Tennessee will go forth conquering (?) to conquer. I feel it within me. OH! those traitorous Generals who have the whole army in the hollow of their hand, They deserve to be hung high where their stinking carcass may not offend the (hard to read in the torn seam) and even disloyalists will eventually curse them from the bottoms of their souls, because we shall succeed if every rebel bites the dust and they have more interest in a short war than we, but God wills it and I submit with perfect resignation .

Parson Brownlow, Maynard and other Tennesseans arrived last night and will hold forth this night. I shall try and hear them. We have some men in the army that yet uphold Buell and more McClellan, but ? Give it up there has been some democrats reformed, and there has been some Jews _____ to Christianity, but they are rare and I believe we may as well fret not our gizzard about them, but consider them as we do snakes toads and lizzards. We do not know what they were created for, but eternal wisdom allows it.

Capt Welch of Co. C. 18 Ohio has just started for home or Columbus O, to bring on recruits to fill up our Reg. I sent home to Vevay a large satin Confed flag that I got at this place. It’s a beauty suppose it cost $150. We shall probably advance in 5 or 6 days and I now think, that when _______the morning papers will report advances at Murfreesborough next day at Wartrace and so on in ten days at Chattanooga on to Knoxville with one wing while the other for Atlanta Georgia,

Our Generals are the fighting stock and they (the Rebels) tremble when they remember Buell is not our leader. It is reported that they will make a stand at Tullahoma, but that is all in my eye,. They will get the other side of Tenn River.

I am a little afraid for Burnside but if he fails, we know his heart is right, and if he succeeds he should receive all honor for the enemy could not have been better prepared with our army in the State of Main? But still I don’t consider McC as trecherous as Buell . (this is my opinion which don’t amt to much.)

I am having very easy time. Our Regiment has just come in from Picket. I was ordered to remain to go on this day as Officer of Pickets and this morning I am excused. Maj. Grosvener is in Command. Col Given ,having gone home and for what we particularly want a man for he is the best we have got and in fact about as good as we want.

My love to all, write at your earliest convenience.

Yours truly,


Bro. Aaron,

After writing this I put it in a book and forgot it. I have nothing new to add. Weather if fine and water low. The army has moved in advance of this place and I think by Thursday the word will be forward no doubt, but all the RR and Turnpike bridges will be destroyed .A corps of Pioneers (engineers?) has been formed of 20 from each regiment to build bridges remove obstructions and if there 100 Reg will make 2000 men beside officers and chief mechanics and also the Reg Michigan enginers and mechanics are with us.

Our General has the confidence of the army. I was over to hear Brownlow and Maynard and send to you the Nashville Union with the sermon altho it is hardly worth while for it is I suppose a reflection of his _____ North and all over Brown low. We rec’d Pomeroy Telegraph of 17th I think. Will an editor has to fix up diet for all appetites and the letter extolling Burnside’s Battery gives rise to a great deal of speculation and reflection. Some imagine that after he unlimbered he took off his lead horses and attached a bowspirit to his waggon tongue of from 25 to 50 feet long with a lance point. Others think it was a regular cow catcher head but that the battery did take the opposing battery is a probable and reports that find their way into the papers of many generals to high privates in the rear rank.”


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