Alfred Gruber of the 186th Ohio Infantry, Company C. Written in ink and datelined “Cleveland Tenn April 30th /64 [possibly misdated],”letter reads in part:

“…We the other night was ordered to fall in it at moments notice and we was awaiting a fight every minit but every thing past of all quietly and this morning we sent out six hundred men an they had two fights today Alredy they took two rebel forts to day there six hundred of our men and bout one rebs and the rebs are playing out fast and they fall a company most every day of our regt to go out scouting and they it with great success but my company wasn’t called this time I was out three days but the reason they did not call on s this time is we are company C and they bare the caller and they keep that company as long as they can on the twenty fifth of this present the new york regt was in battle line from twelve oclock at night till six in the morning and laid about one fourth of a mile from us but we found out that it was only about four hundred rebel cavalry and I guess the fighting is pretty near over…”

During its one year service, the 186th Ohio mainly served guard duty in Tennessee. Alfred Gruber mustered into Company C on 26 February 1865 and died of disease on 9 August 1865 at Nashville.

Nate D. Sanders