Camp near Memphis, Tenn. 8/21/64 to girlfriend. Soldier (Maitland) writes about the Rebel attack under Forrest on Memphis when his men learned that nearly all the force there had left on a expedition & were determined to release some POWs there in the Irving Block (prison) & plunder some of the “rich stores,” they made a sudden “dash” & nearly accomplishing their ends, some 300 dashed into town, formed line of battle on Main St. & went to plunder the stores, also surrounded the Gayoso Hosp. & took some of the men POW, then made for the Irving Block to release the POWS there but failed as the Provost Guard met them & a sharp fight ensured, were driven out & the militia & other troops are in pursuit, came very close to capturing Genls. Buckland & Washburn, was one of the most daring exploits of the War, made the attack before daylight & took all by surprise, was called out this afternoon & issued ammunition but there was no occasion to use it, religious & personal matters, attended concert by Marine Band, attended by many of the “Fair Sex” but too much “Paint & Powder” to suit his taste, etc. Famous incident in war. With postally used cover. XF. $650.00.

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