Skirmishes at Stewart’s Creek Bridge on Murfreesboro Pike, and at Triune; Forrest moves on McKenzie, learns of Federal pursuit.


Skirmishes at Collierville, Grisson’s Bridge, Huntingdon, and Talbot’s Station.

Parson Brownlow explains his presence at a war meeting in Cincinnati: “I am in a somewhat awkward position, having recently taken to my heels like a greyhound, and made 300 miles in short time. In the last two years, as you well know, I have done some brave talking, which the rebels remember. Were I not sure I should not be treated as our soldiers taken by them are – incarcerated in their lousy prisons … I should have stayed; for I could endure the lice. I did not run out of cowardice, but I well knew that if they took me I would have to pull hemp without a foothold. [Laughter.] So I ran.” [NYT]

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