Skirmish at Perkins Mill on Elk Fork.

“We had to be ‘Santa Claus’ ourselves this season for cakes, apples, a little candy, and some picture books were all that could be procured for the children. We had to tell them Santa Claus could not get thro’ the pickets—Jessie wanted to know why ‘the old fellow couldn’t go to his Quartermaster and get him a pass?’ They seemed to enjoy their Christmas quite as well as usual however, notwith- standing that Santa Claus was blockaded.”


Action at Calhoun.


Hood manages to get his troops across the Tennessee River at Florence, Alabama. Forrest’s troops manage to cover Hood’s retreat by “an occasional brush” with Federal cavalry in pursuit of the Confederates. [New York Times]

> Letter,  50th Ohio soldier writes from Columbia, TN; of Franklin battle, mentions dead and wounded.

We had a very severe battle at Franklin during which our Regiment lost in killed wounded & captured some thing over half its men.