Governor Isham Harris calls the Legislature into session to adopt a resolution asking Tennesseans to vote for or against a convention to consider the possibility of secession. He recommends the organization of a state militia and the purchase of arms, and states that “the remedy for the present evils exists only in constitutional amendments.” [NYT, p. 1]

Tennessee Historical Marker Number 2E 11. Isham Green Harris.

“Born near here [Tullahoma], 1818. Was the only governor of Confederate State of Tennessee. In congress 1849-54; elected governor, 1857-59-61. When U. S. forces captured Nashville, joined staff of Army of Tennessee for remainder of War. Fled to Mexico, 1865; returned 1867. Was U. S. Senator from 1877 until his death in 1897.”


The Philadelphia Press reports that all the bridges in East Tennessee have been burned. Other reports state that the East Tennessee Railroad has been destroyed, along with a locomotive and two cars, and that raiders have taken a large store of arms, flour, salt, and other supplies. [Richmond Examiner]