The vote on a secession convention fails, nearly four-to-one.

“We cannot see how any Southern man, who is at all familiar with the history of the times, can . . . solemnly declare it inexpedient for the people of his State to hold a convention and determine whether they will resist or submit to the Abolition rule now about to be inaugurated. . . .Tennessee will resist.” [Nashville Daily Gazette]

Civil War,” in The Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture.


The remains of the Army of Tennessee, still commanded by Hood, arrives in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Gen John Bell Hood


Fisk Free Colored School opens in the buildings of a former U. S. Army hospital. Tennessee Gov. W. G. “Parson” Brownlow advises students to be “mild and temperate” in their behavior toward white people, and warns teachers to be “exceedingly prudent and cautious.” The school will number 600 students by February and will continue to expand for some time. [http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/singers/timeline/index/html]

> Letter, Col. Robert B. Young, 10th Texas Inf., killed at Franklin