Skirmishes at Muddy Creek and Sevierville.

Governor Andrew Johnson issues a proclamation declaring a public election in Tennessee on the first Saturday in March to begin to restore civil government across the state. However, only those free white males having taken the oath of allegiance to the Union are permitted to vote or to hold office.

The text of the oath of allegiance: “I solemnly swear that I will henceforth support the Constitution of the United States, and defend it against the assaults of all its enemies; that I will hereafter be, and conduct myself as a true and faithful citizen of the United States, freely and voluntarily claiming to be subject to all the duties and obligations, and entitles to all the rights and privileges of such citizenship; that I ardently desire the suppression of the present insurrection and rebellion against the Government of the United States, the success of its armies and the defeat of all those who oppose them, and that the Constitution of the United States, and all laws and proclamations made in pursuance thereof, may be speedily and permanently established and enforced over all the people, States, and Territories thereof; and further, that I will hereafter heartily aid and assist all loyal people in the accomplishment of these results, so help me God.”