Skirmishes near Colliersville, Nashville, and Yorkville.



Cavalry action at Dandridge. Skirmish at Kelly’s Ford near Sevierville; affair at Lee’s House on Cornersville Pike.


Confederate soldier Joseph Gerald Branch writes to his wife, Mary Jones (Polk) Branch: “I endeavor to hear with fortitude the desolation which is sweeping over our poor country. Is there no statesman, North or South, who rising above the waves of party prejudice … can calm the raging storm? My own dear sweet wife! My heart is always with you. Not an hour passes but your trials are the subject of my thoughts. How I long to be with you as your time approaches …. Kiss my dear children for me & do not let them forget they have a father who loves them as few parents love.”


28th Action at Athens.


Expedition from Strawberry Plains to Clinch Mountain, with skirmishes along the way.