Strawsberry Plains East Tenn.

Dear Sister,

This is a very pleasant morning in East Tenn. And very nice time for writing.  So I attempt to prove it by scribling you a few lines. There has been but little of interest occurred here since I last wrote with the exception of a portion of our army advancing once more, our troops once more occupying Morristown, and I understood that a division yesterday occupied Bulls Gap and that the  cars ran up that far yesterday they ran as far as Morristown at least.  No Rebels were found I believe, they are reported to have fallen back toward Richmond.  It is probable they think their services will be needed there soon to prevent General Grant from digging into their Capital.  There is quite a large army being collected on the Potomac which if left to be managed by General Grant will doubtless accomplish something, but if Grant has to be subject to orders from the Capital I have very little hopes of its accomplishing much.  I noticed a few days ago in the Cincinnati Commercial that our boys who were captured have been paroled, their names were in the roll of paroled prisoner’s arrived at Annapolis under flag of truce.  I am glad that they have got back within our lined once more, they will soon be ex changed perhaps and come back to the Co.  They will probably have an opportunity of going home first.  E.H. Randall has been quite lucky in getting around so soon.  Hiram Sweet of Co. E 21st O.V.I. is here at present.  He came up form Chattanooga yesterday on a visit.  He says the boys of their company that were captured is still prisoners.  He expected to see Harry here.  He is going back today or tomorrow, he had a pass for four days only.  I spoke in my last of appreciation for furloughs being bade.  I guess that will not be approved.  I do not think any one will get to go home now.  I hope Harry Sweet has started with my thing.  We drew pay yesterday up to the 1st march.  I drew 6 months pay.  I sent thirty home with the state agent.  I will send the receipt in this and father can draw it form the county treasure.  He can send the receipt down and have it drawn.  This is the safest way to send money.  I would have sent more but for a reasons which I stated in my last.  Let me know if you receive the receipt and get the money.  I will close for the present.  I would not have written quite so soon, but I wanted to send my receipt home.  The agent said the money would be around in about 10 days.  No more at present.
Your Brother
John W. Cleland

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