February 5

“Dear Mother, . . . It is reported that the Yankees are landing on the river twelve [?] miles below her[e] whether it be true or not I cannot say but I don’t think they will ever attact us her[e.] they came up to Fort Henry the other day and threw some bums [bombs] in the fort and then went back down the river the boys are hard at work now throwing up brest works our company are buisey mounting cannons & will want to be first [?] if the Yankees should come so wee can slash them they is about 4500 soulgers her[e] now and wee are looking for more all the time. . . . I suppose they are fiting at Fort Henry now while I am writing to you I hear the cannons it roars like continueal. . . .Bill Green says they have had a fight at fort Henry and have whiped us we dont know how true it is.” [Letter from William F. Farmer at Fort Donelson]


February 3-5

Expedition from Murfreesboro to Auburn, Liberty, and Alexandria.

February 4-7

Series of skirmishes near Murfreesboro. The Army of the Cumberland is still occupying Murfreesboro and the surrounding area, as its mechanics and engineers work to repair roads and bridges. They face constant attacks from Wheeler, Forrest, and Starns. “Contrabands – deserters from Forrest – say that he intends fortifying Columbia, and also to make a dash on Nashville during some of our nights of darkness.” [New York Times, Feb. 5]