February 6

An immense torch-light procession in support of the Union takes place in Memphis. Another large meeting of Union supporters convenes in St. Louis. Destructive winter storms paralyze much of the Northern part of the country.


February 6

Gunboats and Army troops under Commodore Andrew H. Foote and General U.S. Grant capture Fort Henry, on the Tennessee River, in the first important victory for the Union and for Grant in the Western Theater of the war. Only Fort Donelson now stands between the Union troops and Nashville. Many men from the Fort Henry garrison flee to Fort Donelson, swelling the ranks there.


February 4-7

Series of skirmishes near Murfreesboro. The Army of the Cumberland is still occupying Murfreesboro and the surrounding area, as its mechanics and engineers work to repair roads and bridges. They face constant attacks from Wheeler, Forrest, and Starns. “Contrabands – deserters from Forrest – say that he intends fortifying Columbia, and also to make a dash on Nashville during some of our nights of darkness.” [New York Times, Feb. 5]


February 6

Affair at Bolivar.


February 6

Affair at Corn’s Farm in Franklin County

The Richmond Whig reports that the Army of Tennessee, which “needs rest and reorganization very much,” will winter at Tupelo and Saltillo, Mississippi.