Jefferson Davis is inaugurated President of the Confederacy in Montgomery, Alabama, where the provisional government has been established; Alexander Stephens is named Vice President. In Washington, D.C., the Peace Conference begins, but it is already apparent that the voices of moderation will be drowned out by more extreme views from both Northern and Southern regions.

“If … the people of the South … [do] not arouse [their] brethren of the North to a sense of justice & right, & honor demands a separation, we would still have the same claims upon the ‘colors of Washington, great son of the South, and of Virginia, mother of the States.’ Let us not abandon the stars and stripes, under which Southern men have so often been led to victory.” Nashville Daily Gazette

“I walked one mile an voted against the state voting a convention to secede from the Union.”  – Franklin itinerant Baptist minister Jesse Cox (1793-1879).  Cox was born in Sullivan County, TN. TSLA archives.

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Affair near Moscow (Fayette County).


Skirmish in Hardin County. Repairs on the railroad between Chattanooga and Knoxville are nearly completed, but the Chattanooga Depot, containing Quartermasters’ stores, is burned, destroying $100,000 of supplies.

> 115th Illinois soldier – McCoy – writes from Chattanooga


Skirmish near Memphis (Shelby County).