Sgt. James McCoy
Co. A., 115th Illinois Infantry
February 9, 1864

Yesterday we marched through mud and rain to this camp at ??? school house called Blue Springs School House by the citizens about five miles between Cleveland (Tennessee) on the railroad between Cleveland and Dalton . . .  we are at the side of a mountain where the ground is so steep that we had to dig level to get sleeping accomodations. This part of the country has pine trees in abundance. We use the evergreen tops for bedding. It makes a good substitute for feathers . . .  general Stanley give orders to not to burn a rail of the fence . . . .  about an hour after a staff officer rode along and said the field belonged to a Reb . . . .

The men made a rush for the fence yelling . . .  before five minutes not one rail was left. we got into Union country at last and I can see a remarkable change in the looks and intelligence of these disciples of Parson Brownlow’s doctrine.

Source: eBay auction, March 2011