U.S. Navy shells Fort Donelson.

Skirmish near the Cumberland Gap.

“After breakfast notified Post Surgeon Pim that my hospital was not in readiness; but would be in two days. He … replied that he must send the convalescents as the Bowlinggreen sick were arriving in large numbers . . . It was intended to establish also a camp for convalescents on the University grounds — I remonstrated . . . that the Hospital and encampment would greatly interfere with each other. I hastened to Capt. A.J. Lindsay, commander of the post, and after much persistence got an order to remove the encampment, if the tents were not already pitched. Hurried up to the University, & fortunately they were just laying out the camp. Capt. Cottles civilly received me, and agreed at once to carry out the order if I would shelter his men for the night. Snow was still upon the ground. All day crowds of 40, 60, 100, or 120, were pouring in from the different hospitals, or from the Bowling Green army. They were tired & hungry, some had not breakfasted, none had dined – By night we had not less than 700 in the Stone College & Barracks. We managed by very hard work to get them something to eat by 8 or 9 P.M. To the 500 in the barracks we distributed a gill each, of brandy from the Hospital stores. Both buildings were comfortably warmed.” [Lindsley]