June 4th. Triune,Tenn.

From J.L.Rogers Co.F 98th. O.V.I. to friend going to school in Ohio.

Respected Friend, – – I received your long looked for letter Some time ago,but owing to the inconvience of camp life I have neglected to respond until the present. – – – – – , Well,Since I have been in the service I have been blessed with good health and like soldiering as well or far better than I expected too,before I Started.It is true the soldiers life is a hard life,but he sees enough and learns enough to amply reward him for all the hard ships he has to under go.For my part I have never regretted that I enlisted in the cause for I believe it is  just & right & right must prevail. Well,I must tell you something about our whereabouts.For the last 2 months and over we have been camped in,near Franklin,Tenn..While our stay there,our time was principally occupied in working on the fortifications and scouting occasionaly. And on the 2nd. day of June General Graingers? commenced including the 125th.O., 124th.,O, 113th.,O., 121st.O., 98th.O., 40th.O., 115th.ILL., 96th.,ILL., 12ILL., & 84th.,Ind.,and 2 or 3 regts of cavalry & 3 battries left Franklin at 6 – – & after marching 14 miles through rain & mud heavy loaded with our bedding,clothing & shanties ( we carry our tents ) we arrived at this place ( Triune ) at 1PM and pitched our tents in a beautiful grove and camp for the night expecting to take up our march again in the morning.But morning came there was no stir toward a movement So we were disappointed but to our satisfaction for we were all tired and pretty stiff after the march.I have no idea we will remain here any length.It is generaly thought that old Rose is going to make a forward movement in a few days.The troops are gathering in here every day there are about 30,000 here now as soon as he gets his forces concentrated we may expect to take up our beds and walk.We are now camped on the ground where the Battle of Stone River commenced.We are 16 miles from murfreesboro & 30 miles from Shelbyville were Gen. Braggs head quarters are.We are 7 miles from the rebel lines.You may expect to hear of a big fight in Tenn. before long.Well something else,The Boys of our co. that are with us are tolerably well and in fine spirit.I have been soldering long enough to find out there is nothing like keeping the spirit up & being cheerful It is better than medicine.P.H.Ross,H.L.Haverfield & Smith Hines are well.Capt. Lacey was not able to come with us when we left Franklin. his health is very poor.I don’t expect he will be able to be with us much if we have marching to do. – – – – ,etc,etc. From your friend and well wisher J.L.Rogers address Co. F. 98th.ovi. via Nashville,Tenn.

Source: eBay auction, February 2011