March 7th- 1862

My dear Wife —

Etheldred could not send you anything by Express yesterday because they could not carry anything. I had expected to send all your flour and have written to Easley to send me the bacon of two hogs and a stand of lard. But for fear I cannot get these things I wrote to James Williams today to buy you two or three hundred dollars worth of provisions, and if I can get the provisions from here down to you we can very easily sell the others. I advise you by all means to urge James immediately to buy you enough of provisions of all kinds to last you until the first of July. [sic]

Etheldred has joined Jacksons [sic] Company[.] I gave him his choice and told him to do just as he pleased. He goes in a mess with Bake Crozier & others that he is very much pleased with.

We have no news here of any kind, Our Commanding General has not yet arrived. I believe most of our people think the enemy will not attempt to come in to East Tennessee though it will not doubt be urged very strongly by [Military Governor Andrew] Johnson and Maynard.

I have said above I would write to James Williams but it is later that I has supposed and the mail is about to close. So you send word to James Williams just at once to buy you meat and flour enough to last you until July and as I have before stated if we get the provisions from here down we can sell the others. You had also better buy molasses and whatever else you want. When I hear you are provided for it will make me much easier. Goodbye [sic] my dearest wife. I write in something of a hurry.

Yr. affectionate husband,
Jno. H. Crozier
W. P. A. Civil War Records, Vol. I, p. 18. (TSL&A)

Source: The Tennessee State Library & Archives