Headquarters District of Nashville
Nashville, Tenn., March 7, 1864

Brig.-Gen L. Thomas, Adjt. General United States, having revoked his order authorizing the impressment of negroes [sic] into the army, such impressments are no longer legal, and if made will be revoked and the facts reported to these Headquarters, buy the military authorities. Work hands on plantations within the District having been almost exhausted by impressment, and the running away of such hands-often leaving large families of helpless women and children without the means of support-no impressment of slaves will hereafter be made for any purpose without imperative necessity, and by order of the Post Commanders.

II. The loyal, law-abiding people of the District, including those who have, in good faith, taken the “Amnesty Oath,” are invited to rebuild their fences and restock their farms, and grow crops, with the assurance that they will hereafter be protected in the possession of all their property, and which will not be appropriated for the public use, unless by competent authority, and not then without fair compensation being paid to the owner therefor.

III. Good and efficient soldiers are found at the post of duty. Generally, the worthless and inefficient straggle and roam over the country, away from their commands, marauding and robbing. Such straggling marauders will hereafter be arrested and punished, and every soldier absent from his command, unless on duty, without the written permission of the officer commanding the Post or Station, will be deemed a straggler and punished accordingly.

By command of Maj.-Gen Rousseau
Nashville Daily Gazette, March 18, 1864