An 8 March 1862 letter from Nashville, Tennessee, details the execution of a soldier:

I witnessed a seen which is not often enacted, the execution of Michael O Chonwel, Private 24 Ohio Regt, shot for attempting to kill a corporal as he was trying to desert. He shot 4 times as the corporal, but missed him. He pleaded guilty & was sentenced to be shot. They marched him around in front of the brigade twice as it was drawn up in close order, so all could see at the same time, playing the death march with his coffin in front of him. He was a brave fellow. He even kept time with ther music when he was shot. He stood by the side of his coffin when he fell partially lengthways & then rolled off on the ground. The blood can be seen there, yet it seemed rather cool, but I have seen so manny shot, I did not think much about it. You may calculate there is a quite a large squash of men here.

Source: Nate D. Sanders auction