March 21-23

U.S. Forces begin reconnaissance against Cumberland Gap; skirmish there.


Skirmish near Murfreesboro.

Parson Brownlow writes a letter to the Philadelphia Press, saying:

“We hope, in Tennessee, to have the rebel forces driven down into the Cotton States by late in the Spring or early in the Summer, so as to enable us to elect members of the Legislature and a Governor, all of loyal men. Then we shall redistrict the State and elect loyal Congressmen and Senators, so as to have them in Washington next Winter to back up the Administration and the army, and oppose the mad schemes of the Copperheads. We will also elect Judges, organize our Courts, and again put the machinery of civil government in motion.”


Supporters of Gov. Andrew Johnson predict that the Republican Convention will nominate him as Vice-President on the ticket with Lincoln. [NYT]