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Capture of Union City by U.S. forces; skirmish on Purdy Road near Adamsville.


Skirmishes near Franklin and Eagleville.


Enlistment of USCT soldiers continues to go well in Middle Tennessee – 5,000 men at Shelbyville and Lebanon are said to be ready for the field. Gen. Thomas meets with Generals Sherman, Granger, McPherson, Sheridan, and Barry at Union headquarters at Chattanooga. The excellent communication among the officers in Thomas’s command will give them a huge advantage over Hood, who will soon take over command of the Army of Tennessee – Hood’s generals (Cheatham, Cleburne, and especially Leonidas Polk) often miss meetings and follow their own impulses on the field.


Skirmish at Magnolia. Forrest orders all cotton being shipped to Federal ports to be burned and urges his raiders to stop traffic on the Mississippi.

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