Nathan Bedford Forrest stalls Federal pursuit at Fallen Timbers. The garrison of Island #10 is surrendered at Tiptonville.

Quotes from Shiloh:

“I did not feel anything strange on first going into battle. We were drawn up in line of battle. I was looking as anxious for the secesh [Rebels] as ever I did for a squirrel but I did not look long before I seen their guns glittering in the brush.”– Pvt. Edgar Embley, 61st Illinois

“Several times the enemy essayed to move out from the shelter of the woods across the intervening thickets, but each time our guns ”double-shotted with canister” tore great gaps in their ranks and drove them back to cover.”–Capt. Andrew Hickenlooper, 5th Ohio

“If I brought on the fight, I am to lead the van.”– Col. Everett Peabody, 25th Missouri

“We were soon dumbfounded by seeing an enormous force of Confederate troops marching directly toward us,”– Pvt. Charles Morton, 25th Missouri.


Confederate troops capture and burn the steamers Saxonia and Lovell near Clarksville.


The U.S. Congress passes the 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery.