> 4th KY Cav (US) soldier writes April 14th, 1862, from Nashville


Although widely expected to attack Memphis, Forrest withdraws from Tennessee and heads south into Mississippi.


Lincoln is shot by John Wilkes Booth while attending a play at Ford’s Theatre. The bed-ridden Secretary of State William H. Seward is stabbed and wounded by Lewis Powell, a member of the same conspiracy, in an assassination attempt inside his Washington home. Powell also injures five others in the Seward household, who have tried to come to the Secretary’s aid. A jaw splint Seward has worn since his carriage accident on April 5 saves his life by deflecting the assassin’s knife from his throat. A third conspirator, Lewis Atzerodt, apparently loses his nerve and fails to carry out his task of assassinating Andrew Johnson.

Joseph E. Johnston, now back in command of a consolidated C.S. force built around the remains of the Army of Tennessee, asks Sherman for terms of surrender.