Skirmish on Shelbyville Pike.


Lucy Virginia French’s journal shows how long it takes for news to make its way around the country—this is more than a week after Lincoln’s death, and, of course, Seward and Johnson were not killed: “A great tragedy has been enacted … in the assassination of Lincoln and Seward…. I was out in the front yard clipping some cedars when the Col. [her husband] came to the door … and he said very quietly, ‘Well, Lincoln is dead.’ I had not the smallest idea it was true…. The story [we read was] that Lincoln and Johnson had been at the theatre together—a man had rushed up and stabbed both—killing Lincoln and mortally wounding Johnson, and the assassin had himself been killed on the instant…. We are told that about 30 citizens of Nashville were arrested because they implicated Andy [Johnson] in the assassination of ‘Honest Abe.’”