Skirmish at Atkins’ Mill.


Affair near College Grove; skirmish at Duck River Island or Little Rock Landing.


Confederate Gen. Joe Johnston meets with General William T. Sherman in North Carolina to negotiate the surrender of the Army of Tennessee and all remaining Confederate forces still active in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida – it is the largest surrender of the war (89,270 soldiers). [Interesting note: Sherman provides Johnston’s hungry troops with ten days’ rations, earning Johnston’s astonished gratitude and making the two men friends for life. When Sherman dies in 1891, Johnston will be a pallbearer.] Although CSA President Jefferson Davis is firmly set against surrender, and many com- manders (including Forrest in Alabama and Kirby-Smith in Texas) still know nothing of either surrender, the loss of both Lee’s and Johnston’s armies – the largest remaining forces – essentially means that the Civil War has ended.