From William L.B. Lawrence diary: “Was mustered in to the State Service, am holding the exalted position of 2nd corporal & C & C.”


“[Brownlow] is gulling these Yankees no little & is making his trade (which you can guess) a very profitable, paying business. He cares no moon for the con- dition of the North or South, than a hog, only so far as he can make either the one or the other profitable to No. 1—and is wholly destitute of Patriotism…. So you see you see I have strong hopes of getting home soon, Tell your Ma to save me a little of my Robertson County [probably distilled liquor]—as I expect to be very dry. Remember me kindly to all the Negroes. Tell Uncle Dick & Nath to take good care of Miss Susan…. Your devoted Pa, N.F.C [Cheairs, N.F., to daughter]


Skirmishes around Woodbury – Union Col. Wilder chases Col. Breckin- ridge’s troops for several miles, capturing nine prisoners, 25 serviceable horses, and 30 beef cattle.


Skirmish near Cripple Creek on Woodbury Pike.