June 1861

The Southern Mothers Hospital is organized in Memphis. Beginning with 30 patients in a borrowed building on 2nd and Union and later moving to the Irving Block building before merging with the Overton Hospital, it will become the hospital most recognized for female involvement, at a time when many women are entering the nursing profession in order to help with the war effort.

The Memphis Military Board supplies the medicine; other needs (ice, fuel, etc.) are donated. The Southern Mothers group will also provide burial services and tend military graves. [Brock, pp. 14-15]

June 1862

Over the next two years, from now until June 1864, an estimated twenty to thirty million dollars worth of supplies are smuggled into the Confederacy through Memphis. Many women are active in the smuggling trade, using their “bosoms, hoops, and bustles to conceal goods and letters from Federal authorities.” [Brock, p. 54]


June 1-3

U.S. forces under Major General Sturgis leave Memphis on a raid into Mississippi in an unsuccessful attempt to defeat Forrest.