Skirmishes at Rogers Gap and Wilson’s Gap.

June 10-16

Skirmishes at Winchester.


Andrew Johnson speaks at a Union meeting in Nashville, pressing the point that “Slavery is dead.” He also recounts a conversation with an aristocratic slave-owner who had said, “We people of the South will not submit to be governed by a man who has come up from the ranks of the common people, as Abe Lincoln has.” Johnson responds, to the great amusement of his audience, “I believe that man is capable of self-government, irrespective of his outward circumstances, and whether he be a laborer, a shoe-maker, a tailor, or a grocer …. Now, it has just occurred to me, if this aristocracy is so violently opposed to being governed by Mr. Lincoln, what in the name of conscience will it do with Lincoln and Johnson!”

Nathan Bedford Forrest, who has combined forces with Stephen D. Lee, Roddy, and Kirby Smith, soundly defeats U.S. General Sturgis at the Battle of Brice’s Crossroads, Mississippi. Sturgis is relieved of command.