June 11th 1863
Saturday Morning  In Camp
Two miles Back of Memphis

Dear Parents & Brothers

I Seat my Self In my tent to Write to you to let you know my where Abouts  I left A letter for Wes at Cape garidue on the 6th Wee have Been on the Road from St Louis to Memphis Eleven days  Arrived At this place Night Before last  got of the Boat yesterday at noon and marched out to this Place  It is on a Rebs Farm right In front of his hous [sic] In a Shady grove  the hous Is guarded By the Union Army  he in the Rebel Army  Memphis Is a nice Place  If It was not for the soldiers yo[u] saw you would not know that their was A warr going on  the Stores all filled  Everything Plenty  I Payd A visit to Court Square Eesterday [sic]  It is situated In the Heart of the City Surrounded With Iron Fence nice Walks and shade trees & Flowers  In the Center Is the monument of Genl Jackson surrounded With Another Iron fence With Shrubery Planted In It  It Looks very much like the old general  on the Right Is Inscribed the Federal Union must be Preserved  the Reb tried to deface the Inscription they ceep tame squirls Wild gees Pidgeons  Birds of diferent kinds.     There is some Stile here  you had Better Beleive I sen A funderal Procession yesterday Folowed By the Nobility In their In their Carriages Driven By servents.  Yesterday the Red River Expediton arrived here on 25 transports (It all most Shocks One to see Regm that Leftwith 8 & 9 hundred men come Back with 300 Hundred)  the warf yesterday Presented and Amusing Picture  I got on the Bluff Alone and counted 36 steam Boats  Some Allmost shot to Peices  Chinanico shot off Wheel hous shot to Peice.  there is plenty of men here  It hard telling how many the 1th – 3 – 4 Iowa Cavelry & the grey Beards  Wee dont know Where or what we Will doe  they seems to Bee Consentrating A large force here yesterday Was the Warmest day Wee have had  It has Bin very dry  ever since I left home  Except a litel Shower After wee left Cairo I forgot to say Wee Laid In Cairo all one day  the 44. From Davenport Was their  I went out to see them  saw some from Leclair  one Fowler got the news from him  he says he dont think Henry scoot Is very Pariotick Scoot Co gave them $50 Bounty  the Reg Is comanded By Cornol Henderson A Methodist Preacher From Leclair.  that Reg stoped here.  Wee Passed Columbus Kentucky on the 7. in the morning  Saw Island No 10  nothing to see But some Log cabins  Lay up that Night to Wood about Eleven Aclock  they was A report that the Reb wer not far off.  Put out A Picket guard of 40 men  Had too Co  next the Shore form In line on the Boat And lay on their arms All Night  Some of the Boys that went on Picket wer A littel scary  Could hardly Load their gun  And some volunteered  Wee stoped the next day to Wood 20 miles Above here to Wood on the Tens side the Owner of the Place had left  It was ocupied By some men & darkies  Come Waist high Cotten Loks Well.  I have not Priced any thing yet, only they charge From $2 to 2½ per day for Board  I All So got Alook at Fort Pilow  It is situated on A bluff  the first On the Tenesee Side  the River is Narow at this Place.  There is no Troops at that  I guess I seen Too men  ther Is Nothing to Bee seen From the River Except A flagg staff  there is no fortification to Be seen From the River Except dirt thrown upp  Columbus Ky. Is Stronger Fortified tha[n] any other Place on the River that I seen.  Their Was Three Men shot About one mile from here  their was some of our Officers over to see them  they Belonged to A New Jersy Reg.  They murdered A young Lady An Burnt Her After Violating her Person  One of them Was A man of A Famly  Wife and 6 children  they said one come out Laughing and Joking  Their Was Thirty Six men from the Eighth Ioway detailed to Shoot them  they ar on patrole duty at this place.  I forgot to Say It Raind Hard last night  Wee had our tents so Wee did Not mind It  too men to Atent  All Lynch  Will Harkness  Jo Cook and myself ar to gether in A double tent  I have not Received Any news Since I left Home  Our mail has gon down the River to Okelona  I want you to Write often  tell me how the crops Look and how you ar gitting Along  nothing more At Present Except Wee ar going to Straighten the qr master to morrow If Wee dont get full Rations  [signed] (Cy Siberts)  [postscript]  I send A Peice of Shrubery I got In side the In closure of Jacksons Monument  Write to Memphis Tennisee  Forty Fifh Reg Ioway volunt .

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