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“A perfect reign of terror is upon us. On Thursday last … a force of between 4 and 5 thousand Federals, passed us, going into McMinnville—hunting Starns [probably Col. James W. Starnes]…. Martha came running up the stairs where I was hearing the children’s lessons—exclaiming—‘The Yankees are coming up the road!’ I looked out and saw four or five horsemen at the gate…. I ran down- stairs, and saw that they were taking out favorite horse, ‘Black Cloud’ …. I said not a word—they were the roughest kind of men … I was angry and excited and feared I would not say the right thing so I forced myself to silence…. Throughout the day the troops came from the road to get something to eat—they were very respectful to me when they saw me…. While they were eating, however, I generally gave them a ‘piece of my mind’ … I said ‘If you know anything at all— you know very well that Tennessee never brought [war] upon us—She stood firm for the Union that she loved until Lincoln’s war proclamation drove her into exile and rebellion….” [Lucy Virginia French diary]


U.S. Col. William Sanders raids East Tennessee; affair near Trenton.

June 15-17

Expedition to and skirmish near Lebanon.


Skirmish near Moscow.

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