Bishop Otey of Tennessee publishes his letter to Secretary Seward in the Memphis Appeal: Oh, Sir, speak but the words of gentleness and conciliation to your countrymen … and who knows but that God … by his mighty power [may] ‘still the noise of the waves and the madness of the people.’ Go to the President and urge him to desist from all hostile measures and efforts to compel an unwilling obedience to his Government.” Meanwhile an agent of the B&O Railroad the loss of 48 locomotives and even more gondolas and coal cars, which have been burned by rebel sympathizers in Baltimore.


June 24

Skirmishes at Big Springs Branch and at and near Christiana.

June 24-26

Skirmishes at Hoover’s Gap.

Tennessee Historical Maker (Coffee County), Beech Grove — 18th Indiana Battery

Hoover’s Gap, TN, June 24, 1863. The 18th Indiana Battery, commanded by Capt. Eli Lilly, dislodged one Confederate artillery piece and forced the Confederate batteries to change position. The battery, along with Wilder’s Brigade, did considerable damage to the advancing Confederate infantry with double rounds of canister. This battle opened middle TN to the Union forces, resulting in the advance of the Union Army to Chattanooga and Georgia. The battery was formed in Indianapolis, IN.

Tennessee Historical Marker (Coffee County), Beech Grove — 2E 40 — Beech Grove Engagement

On June 24, 1863, Union forces under Rosecrans overpowered Confederate defenders on Hoover’s Gap, commanded by Stewart, Bate, and Bushrod Johnson. This was the beginning of Bragg’s withdrawal to Chattanooga. Unknown soldiers who fell in the battle are buried in the cemetery to the southeast.

June 24-27

Skirmish at Liberty Gap.

Tennessee Historical Marker (Coffee County), Beech Grove — 2E 24 — Army of the Cumberland — June 24-26, 1863

Reynolds’ Division of the XIV Corps forced Hoover’s Gap, driving a task force of Bate’s & Bushrod Johnson’s Brigades back to Fairfield, 5 mi. S.W., whence it had come. The XIV Corps reunited with other units of Rosecrans’ army at Manchester, thus getting in the Confederate rear and forcing Bragg’s withdrawal to Chattanooga.