June 25

Affair near La Fayette Station.

“I hope the time is not far distant, when I shall have the pleasure of seeing you and then I can and will talk to you (at the risk of my life) upon subjects, I am now prohibited from writing untill then I shall try to bear my fate with as much patience and for bearance as possible—I am perhaps unfortunately constituted—I am high tempered, I can be overpowered, but not conquered (so long as I am satisfied I am right) and when trampled upon, I am like a Texas Scorpion, I’ll sting if I can, such is as you know my nature, and I can’t help it—I wish I could. I think, however, I am willing to be governed by the Command laid down in the Book of Books, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. – Your Devoted Brother, N.F. Cheairs.” [Cheairs, N.F., letter to sister]


June 25-27

Skirmishes at Fosterville and Guy’s Gap. The Army of the Cumberland has secured Hoover’s, Guy’s, and Liberty gaps. Now outflanked, Bragg withdraws.