The Memphis Avalanche reports that $2,000,000 has been offered by European buyers as an advance on the cotton crop, and that France and England will soon recognize the Confederacy.


Skirmish at Fairfield; action at Shelbyville; Manchester is occupied by Union forces.

Tennessee Historical Marker (Bedford County), Shelbyville — 3G 6 — Army of the Cumberland — June 27, 1863

The Reserve Corps (Granger) moved south along this road, screened by the Army’s Cavalry (D.S. Stanley). Taking Guy’s Gap, against minor resistance, they pushed rapidly into Shelbyville, evacuated the same morning by the Corps of Maj. Gen. Leonidas Polk, which withdrew to Tullahoma.

Tennessee Historical Marker (Bedford County), Shelbyville — 3G 22 —Confederate Cemetery

In the cemetery north of the road are buried Confederate soldiers of the Army of Tennessee, who fell while opposing the advance of Rosecrans’ Army of the Cumberland through Liberty Gap and Guy’s Gap, in late June, 1863. Also buried here are soldiers of Forrest’s Cavalry, killed in minor operations.


Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia – Sherman, who could bypass Johnston’s position and move around it to the south, chooses instead to attack the center of the Confederate line. The Confederate defenses prove too strong to overcome, and Sherman withdraws. Union casualties are around 3,000 men, while the Confederates lose about 1,000 – this is one of the single bloodiest days in the Atlanta campaign.