Skirmishes near Lexington, Hillsborough, and Decherd.

June 29-30

Skirmishes near Tullahoma as Bragg’s army abandons Shelbyville and retreats toward Chattanooga.

Tennessee Historical Marker, 3G 22, Shelbyville in Bedford County, Tennessee, Confederate Cemetery

In the cemetery north of the road are buried Confederate soldiers of the Army of Tennessee, who fell while opposing the advance of Rosecrans’ Army of the Cumberland through Liberty Gap and Guy’s Gap, in late June, 1863. Also buried here are soldiers of Forrest’s Cavalry, killed in minor operations.
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Sally Wendel Fentress of Hardeman County writes in her diary: “During this long delay in writing we have seen troubles and joys rise and fall successively. General Forrest’s entrance into to our little village flushed with victory. His retreat causing sadness to fall upon every body’s spirit. He was in the yard during the whole skirmish. Bullets were whizzing above and below us, burying themselves in and burrowing the ground…. Houses, twenty three in number, were burnt, the stores were sacked, the merchants chests were blown and hammered to pieces. The Confederates went South and lately have had a large battle. It was victory, but oh so dearly bought…. Charlie Newly’s death was indeed a sad one. Idolized by his family, he was a gallant soldier, noble boy and a constant Christian.”