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We have the best drilled company in Camp Trousdale, do more work and have less sickness than any company in our Regiment. We have had two or three deaths here in the last few [days] but only one in our regiment. There was a man [who] died in the Perrie Guard last night. There has been two run away, but they caught one of them and drummed him out of the camp. They had one side of his head shaved and a pair of horns on him, his breeches rolled up to his knees, barefooted with his shoes in his hand, his budget on his back and a board across his back on which was marked [“]Deserter.[“] He made tracks for Kentucky as soon as he was turned loose. It is rumored that about two regi- ments will be ordered from here to Cumberland Gap in a few days, but I don’t think it will be ours as some of the companies have not drawn their arms yet. We have a great many ladies to visit us, but I think this is the last place in the world for ladies and I would advise all of connection of that sex to stay at home. . .

P. S. I send you in this five dollars. I want you to get me two Dark Calico Shirts with it and send them up by the first one that comes. The balance can do as your please with if there is any left.

Frederick Bradford Papers, TSLA.


July 11-26

Confederate Gen. John Hunt Morgan leads his men from Sparta, TN, into Indiana and Ohio on a highly publicized series of raids. Its timing, which coincides with the Vicksburg and Gettysburg campaigns, seems not to be strategically related to the other campaigns, although it does draw thousands of Federal troops away from their normal duties. After July 20 U.S. troops will begin to have greater success in stopping Hunt’s advance and taking prisoners.

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