Col. Nathan Bedford Forrest captures U.S. garrison at Murfreesboro; skirmish near Wolf River.

“Nearly all whom I have met on this side of the water are rabid abolition- ists…. It is surprising that so sagacious a people as the citizens of the Northern States, should not see that such conduct renders a re-establishment of the Union infinitely more difficult—not to say impossible—and ‘thrice arms’ their foes, for it makes their ‘quarrels just,’ whatever it may have been in the outset. Everything that happens tends more and more to convince me of my first conclusion in regard to this unhappy civil war—that it will continue until both sides are completely exhausted and bankrupt—and then—God help us—for human sagacity cannot foresee what will happen!” [Cooper, W.F., letter to his father]


Cavalry skirmish at Jackson; skirmish at Forked Deer River.


Reports reach Nashville that Sherman’s forces have reached the Chattahoochee River, captured 3,000 prisoners, and recovered numerous deserters. [NYT]