Louisville, Ky July 15, 1861 Hon. Andrew Johnson Dear Sir

Dr Hale is here from Fentress Co. E. Tenn-He says 400 Middle Ten[n] Troops came into that Co on last Monday evening-He represents that they are with out arms or Ammunitions-Not a pound of powder in the Co. The people, he says are determined to Expel them and he came here to try to get arms—He wants Rifles of some sort. The Enfield—Hall or the Minnie Rifle. That his people know nothing of any gun by the rifle—He requests me to write you to know within what time he can be furnished with a 1000 Rifles—If they cant possibly get rifles they want the next best gun they can get.- Such an One as will be suited to a Guerilla warfare—I would be very much pleased if you would write immediately—Twenty Cos in the S. E. part of Ky are preparing to assist in E. Tenn

Allow me to suggest that the communication between Ky & E Tenn is greatly interrupted by the secession post masters in the South E Quarter of the State— I have been in that quarter of the state recently and have seen a number of E. Tennesseans who tell me that they have not received a line from Ky, owing to this interruption. They should be removed at once[.]

Write, if you please, at once. The Guns can be sent to James Speed or the Sur- veyor of the port in this City and will be forwarded to them to Clinton Co Ky and deposited some-where near the line from whence they can be easily obtained by the Fentress Co. people. You will probably remember me—I was five years ago a citizen of Sumner Co Tenn. Met you once at Col. Guild[‘s]

when John K. Howard was present. I was the person who brought Howard the information of this father having been Killed in the East by a Collission of the Cars.

Yours Respectfully, S. S. Bush

Papers of Andrew Johnson, Vol. 4, p. 580.