The Memphis Avalanche reports,

“We are gratified to learn that Gen. Pillow will in a few days lead a brigade of Tennesseeans [sic] into some one of the fields of active service …. The known bravery and prowess of this distinguished Tennessee General … give us the assurance that wherever his brigade shall be brought into action, feats of valor will be performed, and services rendered to our cause, which will shed imperishable glory alike on the chivalry of Tennessee and on the Southern arms.”


Affair at Denmark, near Hatchie Bottom.


Skirmish near Fort Donelson.

Lucy French describes the pillaging at her Grundy County residence:

“[The Union soldiers] amused themselves by pulling down the chandeliers in the dining room, throwing ink bottles against the wall in the office—setting up bottles of wine upon the long Piazza and rolling nine-pin balls at them—using bottles for pins, (the Piazza floor was crimsoned with claret,) cutting the green cloth from the elegant billiard tables, one of which they broke to pieces, and divers other capers of like caliber such as distinguish Yankees wherever they may go.”