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Series of skirmishes near Nashville.


4th TN Cav attacks Federals near Nolensville.


Attack on forage train and skirmish, Franklin Pike near Nashville.


December 11

C.S. President Jefferson Davis visits Army of Tennessee in Murfreesboro. Skirmishes occur at LaVergne and near Nashville. Meanwhile, Nathan Bedford Forrest leaves Columbia, Tennessee in an attempt to disrupt Ulysses S. Grant’s line of communication in the advance on Vicksburg.

Skirmish 7 miles south of Brentwood, BG David S. Stanley in command for Federals.

December 11-12

Skirmishes at Franklin and on Wilson Creek Pike.  Federals re-take control of Franklin.


Skirmish near Nolensville and attack on Union forage train, Harding Pike. Wharton’s cannoneers drive Federals away.


Capture of Henderson’s Station on the Mobile and Ohio Railroad; skirmish at Clarksville.

The Cincinnati Gazette quotes from a letter received from a reader who has just traveled from Tennessee:

“There is no place between Bowling Green and Nashville that admits of defence. At Nashville they are making preparations to resist the anticipated attack, and … if we wait on them till next year, they will probably be able to make a successful defense … [but] the progress is very slow. “

TN Rumors abound that the Confederate Capital will be moved to Nashville.

We are now on the Virginia and Tennessee [state] line waiting for cars to carry us to Linchburg, Virginia. We have got along very well this far and I hope that we will continue to do so.

Frederick Bradford Papers, TSLA


“The Great Battle of Manassas was fought today, with great slaughter on Both sides & victory perched upon the Confederate Standard.” [William L.B. Lawrence Diary]

> 2nd Illinois Lt Artillery soldier writes about Union army sweeping through East Tennessee, Memphis


Skirmishes around Nashville.

Letter, 2nd Illinois Lt Artillery soldier writes about Union army sweeping through East Tennessee, Memphis

August 2020
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